Tired of grinding it out trying to crack the code to make coaching your full time gig?

An Intimate 3-month Group Experience For Driven Coaches Who Are  Ready To Up Level Their Coaching Skills And Deliver The Client Breakthroughs That They know They Are Capable of Without The Constant Self-Doubt.

Tired of grinding it out trying to crack the code to make coaching your full time gig?

An Intimate 3-month Group Experience For Soul Driven Leaders Who Are Ready To Create A Thriving Coaching Business With Clients They Love


Hey, are you a coach who is looking to build a thriving coaching business but shake in your boots every time you have to get on a call?

    I know you are passionate about helping people feel better physically, mentally, or emotionally, and I know you feel deep in your bones that coaching is what you have been put on this planet to do.  

    That rush you get when people say, "Ah, yes! That's exactly what is going on!" or "OMG! your perspective has been so helpful" or  "Your the person I have been waiting for!"

    You know you could potentially help so many people but the  problem is...

    You are wobbly in your skills and tools... 

    • What if a client asks a question and you don't know how to navigate the situation?
    • What if you aren't able to deliver on what you have promised them?
    • What if your coaching is perceived as surface level and don't actually get to the root of your clients problems?

    . . . . and this is leaking into your marketing resulting in a drop in your confidence and less and less people wanting to work with you.

    You want to . . .

    • to be able to get on a call with a client and know exactly what to do and say 
    • ​​know how to help your clients say yes to themselves and to working with you 
    • ​be able to guide your clients through whatever they bring to the sessions even when they are resistant

    But . . .

    • fear is keeping you from going all in on yourself
    • you're questioning if you know enough and can you get people lasting results
    • ​you just are not sure how to find clients

    The problem is . . .

    •  This shakiness your are feeling in your coaching abilities is stopping you from turning your coaching business into a full time gig.
    • The constant self-doubt is stopping your from putting yourself out there in a way that attracts right fit clients.
    • You see other people coaching and killing it - working with dream clients and it seems like every other day they are posting a major client win wondering how in the heck are they doing that.
    • ​You feel this lack of integrity because you want to help others make changes and you aren't practicing what you teach.

    It feels like despite all the training you've done as a coach you still don't feel prepared to promise massive transformation.

    You know in your heart and soul this is what you are meant to do with your life - your dharma.

    But you have no idea how you can overcome this coachposter syndrome and confidently be able to lead clients the massive breakthroughs that they have come to you for.  

    • You no longer want to  be contemplating going back to the 9-5 job that was sucking the life out of you.
    • You no longer want to be questioning and doubting yourself after each and every coaching session.
    • ​You no longer want to be hiding and you want to proclaim to the world that you are a coach and make big promises that you know you will be able to deliver on!

    I know how all this can feel so overwhelming and you might wondering to yourself, what will it take for me to become the coach that I know I am capable of being.

    I have been in your shoes.

    Just like you, when I first started my coaching business I was overwhelmed with self-doubt and uncertainty not knowing how I was going to lead my clients to the break throughs that they had come to me for.  

    Despite all the training and the background I had, just like you every time a new client applied to work with me I had that little voice in the back of my head saying, "can you really get this person results?"

    I was constantly questioning  myself, 

    "Am I a good coach?"

    "Will people really want to work with me?"

    "How do I make big promises?"

    When I did get clients I had these thoughts circling my mind:

    • ​What tools and strategies will be the most effective to get them closer to the goal they have come to me for
    • ​If they came to me with a difficult question how would I point them in the right direction
    • What are other strategies, tools, or techniques out there I have not yet been exposed to that can really help me deepen the transformation that I facilitate

    I was exhausting myself and leaking energy.

    I knew in my heart and soul this was the work I was put on this planet to be doing - but the fear of not getting it right was holding me back.

    It wasn’t until a coach revealed to me that I need to reprogram and break free from some of the stories in my mind that were keeping me playing small and consistently questioning and second guessing my skills. In this process of landing on this discovery I realized in order to be a truly effective coach I needed to be doing the work that I preach to my clients. 

    This was the revelation where I realized coaching is a dynamic skill. 

    We don’t just learn how to become a good coach and then just be good at it. It is something we have to consistently receive ongoing feedback and support so that you can  elevate your skills, communication, efficacy in getting people actual results. Just like other practitioners have to take continuing education to maintain their license or their profession, why is it that coaches can take a simple certification and think they are ready to go.

    The best coaches have other coaches to:

    • Help them see their blind spots and where they might be leading the session astray
    • That they mastermind with to come up with better ideas to navigate difficult situations
    • ​To bring their problems to when they feel stuck or unable to lead the client where they need to go
    And once you do that imagine what it would feel like:
    Wake up excited and ready to coach your clients.
    Feeling confident in yourself – your tools, skills, and your unique program - having certainty that you can deliver results.
    Have money in the bank so you can do the things that nourish your mind, body and soul.
    Writing content for social media and emails is easy – it no longer feels like a chore. Instead, it’s fun and you enjoy it as much as helping your clients.
    Waking up to testimonials, having client refer you to other clients because they are so sold on the transformation you provide.
    This can be your life.
    It no longer needs to be a distant dream – it’s time to make it your reality.

    This is exactly why I put together a program that not only gives you the credibility to do all of the above, but equips you with the tools and the confidence to make the transition as smooth as possible.


    An Intimate 3-month Group Experience For Driven Coaches Who Are Ready To Up Level Their Coaching Skills And Deliver The Client Breakthroughs That They know They Are Capable of Without The Constant Self-Doubt.

    This is NOT just another certification that is going to collect dust in your repertoire of certificates but this is specifically designed to help you...

    • go from questioning your tools to feeling rock solid in your process
    • go from feeling insecure about your abilities to feeling confident you can deliver results for your clients
    • ​go from struggling to making money in your passion to feeling financially secure and abundant

    Stop doubting yourself and become a masterful coach!

    This is the only coaching program that integrates three different modalities of change in one methodology.  

    Most programs focus on targeting problems and creating solutions from either a mental, physical, or emotional perspective and do not have an integrative approach that embodies all three.  

    Human beings are not one dimensional therefore the process of true change also needs a multidimensional approach.  

    The Dharma Method prepares you to assist clients no matter what problems they bring to you because we get to the root of the problem and then create lasting change on all three levels.

    Stop doubting yourself, your tools, or your skills and finally elevate into the coach who knows I've got this no matter what.

    This is what you can expect . . .

    • Never again look at other coaches and wonder what they are doing to get success.
    • Know the exact tools and modalities to use to get your clients from where they are to where they want to be.
    •  Walk away with your own structured program that you can't wait to shout from the rooftops. 
    • ​Understand the step by step process to setting up a successful business that will consistently bring in clients for you, so that you will never worry again where to find clients.

    In Live Your Dharma Coaching, you'll have...

    A comprehensive coaching tool box that enables you to coach your clients on anything. You will be able to coach all three realms - body, mind, and soul.

    Unshakeable Confidence in yourself and your tools so you never feel lost for words or unsure how to navigate a coaching session.

    Certainty in your ability to set up your coaching sessions so they are powerful and effective. Break free of imposter syndrome so that you can show up authentically - use my proven system to clean up any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

    Have laser focused clarity in what sets you apart from everyone else by using my simple process for creating your own unique signature method - create a step by step process for your clients.

    Money Making Marketing Formulas that make writing easy. You will know your clients on a deep soulful level. Always know what to say and how to say it so they feel connected to you.

    Sales made fun - stop dreading those sales consults and start to love them as much as you love everything else you do. Never worry again how to overcome objections. Get real time feedback on your consult process.

    I know what it's like knowing that you want to help people and deep down in your soul that you can, but feeling wobbly when it comes to your tools, skills, and your ability to guarantee results.

    Imagine if people understood . . .

    • the power of their breath
    • the power of intention
    • the power of awareness

    Wouldn't the world be so much better if everyone applied all these tools to their life?

    Here's a sneak peak of what's inside:

    Week 1 - Aligning With Your Souls Roadmap

    You'll understand how to set goals so they translate into results.

    This module you will learn how to:
    •  Show up to your goals in a powerful way that connects to your soul's roadmap so you can achieve whatever you desire and help your clients achieve their goals.
    • Overcome all the mind drama that comes with setting goals and how to navigate the different obstacles in reaching your personal and professional goals
    • ​How to have your own back when challenges arise so you can stay on track with your goals and you will be able to do the same thing for your clients

    Week 2  - You Go First

    As coaches you can only take your clients as far as you are willing to go yourself. The foundation of a successful coaching program is built off of trust and intimacy.

    In this module you will learn how to:
    •  Build deep levels of self-trust and intimacy with yourself so you are able to hold this powerful relationship with your clients so your clients are able to trust you and achieve their desired results
    • Teach your clients how to build this relationship with themselves as it is essential to making an lasting change in their lives
    • Build a self-coaching practice that deepens your relationship with yourself and enables you to practice your own coaching skills on a daily basis that will hone and refine your skills so that you are able to navigate your coaching sessions no matter what your clients bring to the session

    Week 3 - The Power Of Feedback

    The best way to get better at any skill is by evaluating your work and getting critical feedback that will help you see your own blindspots to improve on.

    In this module you will learn:
    •  My 3 part process on how to give and receive feedback so it is both helpful and moving your forward
    • What to do with feedback that is triggering
    • ​How to elevate your coaching sessions so you can learn and grow with each one, enabling your clients to get faster, more sustainable results.

    Week 4 - Brain Science - How To Rewire Anyone’s Nervous System

    The nervous system runs much of what we do and don’t do throughout our days. If one’s nervous system is in an unregulated state (ie fight or flight) making changes is unfeasible. Getting one’s nervous system or helping your clients get their nervous system into a regulated state is the first step in creating lasting change.

    In this module you learn:
    • How to recognize when your clients are in an unregulated state and why they might be resistant to your coaching
    • ​Tools to help your clients transition from an unregulated state to a state that enables change to happen
    • ​Easily implementable techniques to integrate into your coaching sessions that will help your clients enter a regulated state and how to teach these exercise to your clients

    Week 5 - Untangling The Stories

    Your clients will bring their stories to your sessions and some of them will trigger you, some will feel like your story, and some will feel like facts not stories. It’s essential that you are able to untangle their stories and help them see what’s creating their current situations. In order to do this effectively you must also understand your own stories.
    In this module you will learn how to :
    •  Separate out the facts from the story and be able to shine a neutral light on the situation
    • Go beyond what lies on the surface and dig deep to what is living in the unconscious so you can begin to help your client understand and move forward
    • ​Identify the underlying problem your client is experiencing using the problem decoder

    Week 6 - Processing Emotions

    Everything humans do is because we want to feel a certain way. Every action or reaction is taken in response to an emotion. In order to create sustainable change we must understand our emotions and how to process them in a way that is constructive and beneficial.

    In this module you will learn:
    •  My 5 step process on how to effectively process any emotion through the body
    • How to help people eliminate buffering(avoiding their emotions) for good
    • ​ Intentional feeling creation - how to generate different emotions on purpose to create a desired outcome

    Week 7 - Becoming Space Holder Steward

    Learning how to hold space for your clients no matter what they are experiencing is what will set you apart from all the other coaches in the industry. Just holding space isn’t enough, you have to learn to hold space through your clients discomfort.

    In this module you will learn:
    •  The power of active listening and how to listen for what is being said and also what is not being said
    •  How to become a master at holding space - and to know how long to hold the silence and when to ask the next question
    • ​ Getting comfortable with sitting in the discomfort so you can help you clients process through whatever is coming up in the session

    Week 8 - Listening To The Body - Integrating Somatics Into Your Coaching

    The body is full of wisdom and all trauma is stored in the body. Being able to tune into the wisdom of the human body will enable you to help your client access unconscious blocks and tap into deeper more powerful levels of change and transformation.

    In this module you will learn how to:
    • ​ Identify different trauma responses and what to do when your client is being triggered
    • ​ Integrate somatic tools into your coaching sessions to help your clients access deep levels of change
    • Observe physical shifts and changes in your clients in order to help them rewire old subconscious patterns that are no longer serving them
    • ​Guide your clients through a somatic experience where they can access the wisdom of their bodies

    Week 9 - Peeling Back The Layers - Going Beyond The Surface Layers

    Only addressing surface level thoughts and emotions will create only surface level shifts and changes. Tapping into the wisdom of the unconscious will enable you to help your clients experience change on a deeper, more impactful level.

    In this module you will learn how to:
    •  Peel back the surface layers and tap into the wisdom of your unconscious mind
    • Help your client learn how to connect with their inner child so that they can understand where their beliefs are coming from
    •  Guide your client in being able to soothe and comfort their inner child

    Week 10 - Anatomy Of A Coaching Call And Consultation

    Not having a process for leading your coaching calls and consultations can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. And constantly questioning whether your coaching is “working”.

    In this module you will learn:
    •  The anatomy of an effective coaching session. What parts are needed and how to start and end your sessions.
    •  The anatomy of a coaching consultation. It’s essential that your consultation include specific elements that will help you convert a prospective client.
    •  How to coach through different objections prospective clients will come to the consultation call with.

    Week 11 - Business Essentials

    It’s time to start putting yourself out there and letting people know that you can help them.

    In this module we will cover:
    •  How to price your program
    •  Elements of a great offer
    • ​How to create your own unique program
    • ​Way to create leads and how to nurture them
    • ​​Marketing your program in a way that feels good and attracts the right types of clients to your coaching practice

    Week 12 - Integration and open coaching 

    • Have any burning questions answered 
    • Bring client specific scenarios and we can help you navigate through them
    • ​Celebrate your personal break throughs and client wins 
    • ​How to unsure these changes are deeply lasting in your business

    Bonus Modules:

    Bonus 1: Money Hygiene

    We have all been raised with different money beliefs and they will affect how we spend and invest our money as well as how we attract it. It’s essential to clean up any money beliefs that are limiting our potential.

    In this module you will learn:
    •  What your money beliefs are and how they are both supporting you and limiting you.
    •  How your beliefs around debt may be holding you back and what you can do about it
    •  What to do to clean up any beliefs that are no longer serving you
    • How to shift into a more abundant place around money

    Bonus 2: Energy Hygiene

    Everything in this world is made up of energy including you. And your ability to create what you desire is directly affected by your internal energy operating system.

    In this module you will learn:
    •  How to keep your energy clean so you can attract everything you can show up on your calls present and able to coach from clean place
    •  Easy tools to maximize your energy so you don't feel depleted after your coaching calls
    •  Tools you can share with your clients to help them keep their energy clean so they can make effortless strides towards reaching their goals without sabotaging their progress

    Bonus 3: How To Hypnotize Yourself To Rewire Your Mind For Success

    Your unconscious mind runs 95% of what’s going on in your external world. And changing your unconscious mind requires going into a hypnotic state.

    In this module Hypnotherapist Clarissa Tu will guide you through how to hypnotize yourself so you can begin to shift the unconscious beliefs that are no longer serving you.

    You will be guided every step of the way.

    Tool Mastery

    Learn life changing coaching tools using three different modalities- coaching, therapy, and yoga philosophy - so you will have everything you could ever want to help your clients achieve success in your program. You will get to practice your tools with your peers and get real time feedback so you can master your craft.

    Success Framework 

    It's time to feel in control, and drop the confusion. You are going to learn everything you need to be successful in both your consults and in your coaching sessions.

    Business Blueprint

    You will have everything you need to get your business off the ground and to start attracting your soulmate clients. It’s time to finally start being paid for your services and stop living in confusion and doubt.

    Here's What My Students Say About Me...

    Dharma Coaching course strengthened my knowledge and experience in coaching. I learned how to set up my coaching business and continued to work on the mindset component of being a coach and an entrepreneur. 
    My favorite part of the course was observing Rachel coach and then us getting to coach others in the group. I have found the more practice I got, the more comfortable I became, and then I could really focus on my clients and not on my own mind drama while coaching! I also loved incorporating the mindfulness/yoga component to the standard mind-based coaching methods. I integrate both in my coaching and find it so valuable.  
    Fast forward to now. I have a five-figure coaching business and clients that I absolutely love. I feel confident in my coaching and I know I am making a difference in my clients’ lives. I will always be grateful to Rachel for helping me find and create my path and my passion.
    Diana, Yoga Teacher, Mindset & Life Coach For Women
    There was a moment when I wondered, "will this work?!" And about a month in I found myself thinking, "holy crap... This is working!" Seeing the shift in my perspective is worth it's weight in gold! Seeing the shift in my studio has allowed me so many more opportunities than I ever thought possible.

    Rachel has been an amazing support system for myself and my business. I'm working on things (like a business breakthrough for yoga teachers and a coaching business of my own! That I never though I'd need or want to have.
    I feel more centered, at peace with myself and my business and have a renewed sense of confidence to pursue my dreams (and to dream BIG!) I found myself thinking, "holy crap... This is working!"
    Maggie, Business Coach

    Here's everything you'll get:

    24 live group calls - where you get in-depth coaching on the tools as well as any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your success.

    valued at $20,000

    6 Peer Coaching Sessions where you get live feedback to implement and integrate immediately.

    VALUED AT $10,000

    A supportive loving group of peers that you can cry with, laugh with, and role play different scenarios with. Once you join you will be added to our private fb group.


    Access to the Dharma Method, my coaching session framework and consultation process - it has created over 200k in my business to date

    VALUED AT $10,000

    Access to my lead generation system and copy writing formulas that requires no fb ads or funnels - it has created over 200k in my business to date. 

    VALUED AT $10,000

    Lifetime access to all the videos and playbooks - so there is no rush to get things done in a certain time


    Plus these amazing bonuses...

    Guided Confidence Meditation


    Energy Hygiene Workshop

    VALUED AT $500

    Guided Confidence Meditation

    VALue: priceless

    Energy Hygiene Workshop

    valued at $500

    Total Value = $55,000

    Your investment is just a fraction of this.

    What about my investment?

    It is not a high-touch premium program without the premium price tag.


     24 live group coaching/strategy calls (value $20,00)
     live peer group coaching sessions with feedback (value 10,000)
     Short Actionable videos that you can watch and rewatch as often as you need. They will guide you every step of the way. (Value $10,000)
     Bi Monthly office hours - get coached or ask questions about anything coming up for you. (Value $10,000)
     Intimate experience - I keep the group small so you get all the support you need. Never feel left behind or not good enough. I am going to be there for you every step of the way and so will your peers.
     Access to modules, playbooks, content calendars, and recorded calls (Value $10,000)
     Facebook with your peers to get more coaching (priceless)
    Energy hygiene workshop (Value $500)
     Self-confidence Meditation

    Your investment

    Payment plans available

    Certification + VIP

     24 live group coaching/strategy calls (value $20,000)
     6  live peer group coaching sessions with feedback (value 10,000)
     Short Actionable videos - that you can watch and rewatch as often as you need. They will guide you every step of the way. (value $10,000)
     Bi Monthly office hours - get coached or ask questions about anything coming up for you. (Value $2,000)
     Intimate experience - I keep the group small so you get all the support you need. Never feel left behind or not good enough. I am going to be there for you every step of the way and so will your peers.
     Access to modules, playbooks, content calendars, and recorded calls
     Facebook with your peers to get more coaching (priceless)
     Energy hygiene workshop (value $500)
     Self-confidence Meditation
     Plus 6 1:1 private coaching/strategy calls (value $2,500)

    Your investment

    Payment plans available

    Your investment

    Payment plans available

    Your investment

    Payment plans available

    What Rachel's clients have to say:

    But NOT every coach is ready for this level of depth and precision in their coaching.

    This is for you IF . . .

     If you are wanting to start a coaching business or are already a coach looking to up-level your skills and tools.
     You are motivated, a go getter, and ready to ready to step into being a masterful coach
     You are willing to put in the work and aren't looking for someone to do it for you.
     You have worked with a few clients or maybe several but you are ready to have a repeatable approach, so you can work smarter not harder.
     You have gotten your clients some results and now you are ready for support  to deepen your own mindset and toolkit  to achieve better results for your clients.
     You want to be part of a group of like minded individuals who are helping each other up-level there coaching mastery and will become like your best friends as you help each other develop your skills.

    This is not for you if . . .

     You aren't interested in truly helping people improve their wellbeing.
     You want a quick fix cookie cutter coaching templates and questions and not looking to learn the deep strategies of unconscious work, somatic work, and belief rewiring.
     You're looking for a form of passive income like build a course, an information product and aren't interested in facilitating deep transformation for people.
     You don't have a passion for coaching, you're just looking to become a six figure business owner - good luck. You are going to have to apply all the tools.

    What happens after you apply?

    When you hit the apply button, you will be taken to an application page.

    Fill out the application form. 

    After you hit submit, you will be forwarded to a link to book a call with me to talk about your business and your goals.

    We will decide if the program is a good fit and if so, I will send you the information for payment and then you will be added to the private Facebook group where you will get to meet all your peers.

    Stop doubting yourself and your ability to have your own successful thriving business. It's your turn to shine.

    You have all the tools necessary to show up as the expert you are.

    Your people are waiting for you.

    The Dharma Coaching Certification was created for you. Now is the time to start making this happen.

    There will never be a more perfect moment for you to step into the expert that you are! To start attracting dream clients and creating a business you love that makes money.

    You know you are ready to make a change – to stop hiding and show up as the badass that you are.

    Staying where you are now will only perpetuate, you are missing out on the ability to make a difference in someone else’s life. 

    You risk not living up to your full potential. Limiting yourself from what you are truly capable of. 

    You will only continue to feel stuck, confused, and worst of all overwhelmed - leaving you unable to create the business and life of your dreams.

    The Dharma Coaching Certification is going to give you everything you need!

    Why you should work with me?

    When I considered her coaching, I spoke with Rachel in an introductory call and let her know that I was not worth my own time and investment. I arrived to our first session believing I still was not worth my own time and investment. 
    Over the course of the next 3 months, this perspective and thought pattern changed drastically. 
    I am so excited for my new adventure.
    Olivia, Yoga Teacher

    Hey, there! I'm Rachel.

    Running businesses has been my life for the last 20 years.

    I understand what it feels like to struggle with creating clients and thinking you are doing it all wrong. And it’s why I created this program.

    Psychotherapist, fitness coach, 3 yoga studios, and now a six-figure coaching business. I know the ins and outs of how to get your business thriving. 

    It starts with a strong foundation, seductive marketing, and a confident sales process. 

    My clients have upgraded their mindset and implemented powerful marketing strategies. The results they have manifested are proof that it works.

    Read what my students say...

    Rachel is a really great coach! 
    She helped me recognize some of my own mental setbacks that were keeping me from moving forward with reaching my goals.
    I appreciate the way she listens, holds the space, and helps me see my thoughts more clearly. With her help and great insight I'm able to move in the direction. I want to go for my own business and with more confidence. I really enjoy working with her!
    Alicia, Life Coach For Women Overcoming Trauma And Narcissistic Abuse
    When I met Rachel, I had just left my corporate job of 20 years and decided to follow my dream of owning a yoga studio and being a certified yoga teacher. I had worked up the courage to take the leap, but I didn't yet have an effective toolkit to navigate through the thoughts, feelings and actions required to make my dream become a reality.

    Enter Rachel... her coaching method and tools were exactly what I needed to make the right steps forward.
    Rachel's program is successful because the tools are easy to learn and use - she also provides the perfect balance of soft encouragement along with hard-ass 'kick-in-the-pants' accountability and 'real talk' that will force a level of introspection you've never has before. 
    She will help you (re)build your confidence and teach you new ways to build and execute your own plans.
    Heather, Studio Owner

    To help you make this the easiest decision of your life... I'm giving you this special guarantee.

    Because I'm only interested in helping you move forward and help you achieve your goals, you're protected by my money back guarantee.

    Just complete all the assignments and show that you put in the work, if you still don’t get a return on your investment, I will give you your money back. 100%.

    Ready to join the Certification?
    Click the button below to apply.

    Got questions?
    Get some answers here.

      Who is the program for?

    If you are passionate about helping people and have a background in wellness this program was designed for you.

    This program was created for those who want a mixture of science and woo.

      I Don’t Have A Niche Yet- What Do I Need To Do To Be Ready For The Program?

    You are in the right place. The program has been designed to help you uncover what your niche is going to be and exactly how you help your people get the result they desire.

    As long as you are ready to put in the work to unlock your zone of genius and then go all in on your niche you are good.

      What Is Your Coaching Style?

    It is bold and loving all in one. I will point out your limiting beliefs always from a place of love and growth. I will always be your biggest cheerleader and have your back. But, remember you may not always love what I am going to say and that is my job as your coach.

      What Is The Time Investment Of This Program?

    It is ultimately up to you. What you put into the program will determine what you get out of it.

    You will get short actionable videos each week. They are not long. I find most students take no more than an hour to work on the module.

    You will have one hour of group coaching each week with me to refine what we are working on in the modules and to ask any questions.

      When Do I Get Access To The Modules?

    I will drop a new module into your email each week for the following week. So, no worries you will have plenty of time to go through it and work on the materials.

      What If I Have Questions In Between Sessions?

    No worries, we will have a Facebook group that I will be checking daily with any questions. This group will also be a place to celebrate wins, get copy coaching, and receive peer coaching.

      What Happens When I Apply?

    You will be taken to a link to book a call with me where you can ask any questions and we can make sure you are a good fit.

    If you're selected for the program I will then send you all the payment details and all the information to get you started.

    rachel beth coaching. copyright 2022. all rights reserved.